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We Retrieve Money For You

Audit,  Recovery,  and Claims Management Solutions  

           We Are Here To Help! 

When a property sells at auction for more money than what is owed, it will create an overage.                                      That overage is due to the person who owned the property before the foreclosure and that is most likely you.   

You see, after a foreclosure sale, there could be funds remaining after all disbursements are paid.

For example, there is a foreclosure judgement entered in the amount of $100,000.  At the public auction, the real estate property sells for $130,000.  This sale results in overage funds amounting to $30,000.

          Who is entitled to these funds?     

Annotated Code of Maryland Rule 14-216 Proceeds of Sale statute states the owner of record (meaning the person who owned the property at the beginning of the foreclosure) and subordinate lienholders are entitled to the overage.  Therefore, the prior owner or borrower might be able to receive these funds even though they are no longer able to live in the home. 

     That’s where we come in.  We are a government regulated audit, recovery, and claims management firm. Our firm deals directly with county and state officials, attorneys, and judges in the courts.  We don’t bother with gross claims less than $8,000.   

We make you an contingency offer based upon our risk, our time frame and our cost.  We never charge a fee and take full responsibility for all costs, even if unsuccessful.  

     You may call us or simply enter a message in the                        "Contact Us" box below and Submit.  

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About Us


Our company researches and identifies monies held by municipal, state and federal courts, locate the rightful owners, and assist them in the recovery of their funds.  As you can imagine, many people never see their funds because they don’t have the means to cover the upfront costs.  Well guest what? 

We pay all upfront expenses, costs, and fees.  We even use specialized attorneys at our expense.  

With our attorneys, we navigate the legal system and take the necessary steps to recover the funds for the rightful owner. And again, we do all of this at  our  expense.       

​Don’t let your money become escheated to the government or go unclaimed.  We don’t believe the escheatment process is fair.  Do you?  That’s why we help people! 

    We'd  love to send you more information, so all of this makes sense. 

   You may call us or simply enter a message in the                        "Contact Us" box below and Submit. 



Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Research and Writing

Where is the money?
Monies often held in unclaimed inheritance, probate, estate monies, eminent domain cases, tax refunds,  judgments, remainder monies, unclaimed insurance files, and lien payments, etc.

When will I get paid?
As soon as the funds are released.  Please understand, when you agree to work with us, we will assume all risks and costs of the retrieval, including managing the claim process by resolving claim deficiencies, responding to audit request, working with creditors, negotiating with claims administrators, notifications, deadlines, etc.   You don't have to go to court.  We do all the work. Once the filing is complete, all you have to do is cash the check.     

Do I have to pay anything?
No.   We will never invoice or bill you.  We work directly with the county. We don't get paid unless you get paid.    

Is this a debt collector trick?   
You can be assured this is NOT a debt collector trick.  We never ask for banking information and we never charge you a fee.  We list our contact information on this site, and we use attorneys to recover funds.  If we were debt collectors, by law we would have to state that, and no debt collector would do so in writing online.  Our company is incorporated in the State of Maryland with proud active status in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. 

Why do we do this?
 We help people because we believe the escheatment is not fair. Besides, we have expenses, just like any typical business, and remember, we don't get paid by these municipalities unless you have received your funds. We guarantee you will receive more money with us, versus our competitors.   
How did you get my information?  
The ways we gather information is through many different sources, proprietary databases, public online searches, phone companies, judicial cases, marriage license or divorce decrees, state or federal tax liens, judgments, and bankruptcies, notices of default or hidden assets,  as well as courthouse documents and searches.  The experience is to know where to look, what to ask for, and how to decipher the documents when the clerk hands over that two-inch-thick file.  This is something that requires years of experience.   

What do I have to do to start this process?
Call us at 1-(443)-440-6030  or simply enter a message to us in the 'Contact Us'  box below and Submit.  We want to send you more information for your review.     

Is there a deadline to claim these funds?
Often, we have a very short window to make a claim. 


We believe that losing money to escheatment is not fair. Do you?We navigate the legal system and take the necessary steps to recover the funds for the rightful owner, and all at our expense.     

Scott Phillips     President

Retrieve Money For You

 816 E. Salisbury Pkwy

 Unit 2404 

 Salisbury, Maryland,  21802 

Phone: 1 (443) 440- 6030

Thanks for submitting!

Matt T. 

" I thought me and my brother couldn't get any money because our father died without a will. Scott came through for us and we recieved over $16,000.  I can't thank those guys enough. 

Robert M.

" I had no idea that I could recieve money from a foreclosure. I just thought all that money went to the bank. These guys are the real deal. "

Jamie E. 

“ When my parents passed away, I had no money to hold on to their house. It was lost to foreclosure. I have no living  siblings to slpit the $27,000. So, I'm going to help my nephews. ”
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